Shantae Smith

System Transformation Advisor, San Diego

As a Systems Transformation Advisor working with San Diego City and County CoC, Shantae utilizes her past experience and knowledge to assist the team in identifying key areas of focus for developing change projects that will act as the catalyst for reductions in veteran homelessness.

With more than 9 years of experience in various positions that span across the homeless response system, she holds a wealth of experience and expertise in coordinated entry, HMIS/data/reporting, federal programs, community engagement and partnerships, outreach, government relations, grant review panels and race equity. Prior to her joining Community Solutions in 2020, she served as the BFZ team lead and CoC Planner for the Phoenix/Maricopa Regional CoC. She also thrives in organizational skills, team will building, relationship development and effective communication.

She studied Psychology at Arizona State University and is an Arizona native. In her free time, she loves spending time with her nieces and nephew, reading, and practicing calligraphy.

  • LOVES: Learning from and growing with those around me & celebrating every tiny victory
  • HATES: Criminalizing poverty
  • SUPER POWER: Being patient, including all voices and empowering those to speak up

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