Athenia Rodney

Assistant Director for Applied Projects, Brownsville Partnership

Athenia leads and provides comprehensive support to Family Advisory Board members during the project ideation, planning, and implementation phases of innovative projects. Work under Athenia’s purview is designed to address early childhood service gaps and transform physical spaces in the community to better support child development. Athenia has been involved with UB since its inception, joining the FAB in 2018. She was elected by her peers to be the first FAB Fellow, a one-year part-time position that grew into a full-time role supporting FAB engagement. Athenia has a passion for providing platforms for other Black and Latinx residents in her community to speak their voice and advocate for themselves. When the covid-19 pandemic struck New York City in 2020 during her first days on the job, Athenia initiated information-gathering that turned into a year-long improvement project to help social service providers and families access essential services, benefits, and information during the most acute phases of the pandemic. Prior to UB, Athenia spent 20 years organizing community events that promote small businesses and help residents of Central Brooklyn access vital resources. The centerpiece of this work is her annual Juneteenth celebration, which has allowed her to build relationships with elected officials, city agencies, and community partners to bridge service gaps. Athenia is a proud mother to three children and an avid supporter of their schools. Her volunteer work on school boards and as the lead orchestrator across the Success Academy network gives her broad insight to the needs and concerns of parents and educators across the community. She graduated from Middlebury College.

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