Take action


All constituents can play a role in advancing efforts in their communities and advocating for national change. Learn how you can get involved.

Business Leaders

As both citizens and economic players, business leaders have a stake in ending homelessness. Learn how you can utilize your local resources and influence to support your community and forge a public commitment to end homelessness.

Donors and Corporate Partners

Our work is fueled by generous partners who share our vision of a future without homelessness. Find out how to give online through your donor advised fund or stock portfolio, engage in employer matching, and more.

Elected Officials

Elected officials have a disproportionate influence in a community’s ability to get to zero. Learn what steps mayors, county executives, and other policymakers can take to accelerate progress.

Faith leaders

Faith-Based Organizations

For decades, religious organizations across the country have made their faith visible by helping some of America’s most vulnerable people. This is just the start of what they can do to reduce and ultimately end homelessness.

Health System Leaders

Health care systems across the country are playing a catalytic role in helping communities measurably end homelessness. Read about what your systems can do to support your community’s effort to end homelessness. 

Homeless Response Leaders

Homeless response leaders and organizations are on the leading edge of the movement to end homelessness. Harness learning from peers across the country to create a future where homelessness is rare and brief.

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Journalists play a critical role in helping the public understand the state of homelessness — and whether a community is making progress in equitably and measurably solving it.

Homelessness is solvable.

Communities in the Built for Zero movement are proving it.