Until we’re all home

A film series about solving homelessness

The efforts to address homelessness are as broad and varied as the problem itself.

All across the U.S., the stories of people who have experienced homelessness, social workers providing vital support, leaders challenging the status quo, and partners bringing resources and guidance make up a vibrant mosaic that is rarely documented in all its complexity.

Community Solutions has partnered with filmmakers Dewi Sungai and Jason Houston (eight16creative) to tell the stories of people in six cities and counties that are part of the Built for Zero movement to solve homelessness. These are their stories, told in their own words.

These films show communities striving for solutions, justice, and compassion.


Beyond our circles

Fremont County, Colorado

After a decade of experiencing chronic homelessness, Ralph transitions back into a life indoors, with support from his longtime caseworker, Nikki, and the partnerships in his community that have shaped the system to allow effective change.

Editor’s note: this video contains an expletive.

Ralph Miller | Resident
Nikki Reynolds | Recovery Support Care Manager, Solvista Health
Jennifer Goshay | Coordinated Entry System Program Manager, Loaves and Fishes Ministries
DeeDee Clement | Executive Director, Loaves and Fishes Ministries

Solving chronic homelessness

Jennifer and the community team in Fremont County have built a system for solving veteran and chronic homelessness with minimal resources and great success, thanks to a key ingredient: community.


Things are turning around

Stay tuned for more episodes in the coming months!