Kaylin Rubin

Housing Placement Strategy Lead, Housing Systems.


Pronouns: They/She

As Housing Placement Strategy Lead, Housing Systems, Kaylin supports System Improvement Advisors in coaching on housing access and coordinated entry, and leads the development of a replicable housing placement system for Large Cities Acquisition Fund properties that can be broadened to property owners generally. Before joining Community Solutions, Kaylin worked within the homeless response system at a local level in Austin, TX. She established and implemented innovative strategies around property navigation, incentivization, and the centralization of housing. Kaylin built effective partnerships with private and public sector housing developers, and crafted housing policies, campaigns and initiatives that propel the Housing First philosophy. Kaylin brings deep experience in developing and implementing strategies to create access to rental units in communities to strengthen the effectiveness of RRH and PSH programs. She is dedicated to improving systems, promoting community, and housing justice.

  • Loves: New ideas
  • Hates: Criminalizing poverty
  • Super power: Creative solutions

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