Mica Rencher

Deputy Director for Systems Change, Brownsville Partnership


Mica leads UB’s portfolio of systems to change projects, in close coordination with UB’s Executive Director. She also focuses on moving the needle towards achieving racial and geographic equity in access to essential early childhood systems and services. Having attended K-12 schools in various Brooklyn neighborhoods contributes to some of the passion that she has for this work. Her background in education as well as research interests regarding economic mobility, specifically intergenerational mobility, and the way in which policies and educational institutions interact to impact mobility also serve as a motivating factor for Mica. Prior to UB, Mica served as an Assistant Dean at two universities in New York City and on Long Island where she focused on entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic mobility as well as student academic success. She also serves as an adjunct professor where she teaches introductory and upper-level courses within the Psychology Department and helps students to understand various equity concerns within their fields. Mica holds degrees from St. John’s University, Columbia University, and Fordham University where she completed her doctorate in Educational Policy.

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