Molly Tschang

Molly Tschang helps senior management and their teams to Win As One. She is part of a rare breed: tough enough to advise CEOs and company boards, while empathetic to the human costs of not allowing talent to shine. Across over 80 mergers and acquisitions, Molly has helped management teams navigate the human after-effects of intense change.

As Founder and CEO of Abella Consulting, she guides leaders to commit to each other’s success as they learn to thrive in complex internal environments. To strengthen organizational capability, she founded Say It Skillfully® Inc. to address the single most impactful area of growth: interpersonal communication. Molly is on a mission to empower people at all levels to communicate skillfully and authentically. Everyone deserves to be seen, heard and understood on their most important and challenging topics. Doing so enables each of us to create an authentic shared reality that makes work and life better for all.

Molly is host of the popular Say It Skillfully® podcast and video series; she is a TEDx speaker and a member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches. She serves on the boards of several privately-held companies, the Cornell Engineering College Council, and also Community Solutions. She holds a BS in chemical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA.

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