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Central Oregon Daily News: Local nonprofits team up with national group to end homelessness

December 7, 2021

Central Oregon nonprofits working with the region’s unhoused community announced Tuesday they will partner with ‘Built for Zero,’ a national movement of more than 90 cities and counties across the country working to “measurably and equitably end homelessness.”

In April 2021, Community Solutions was awarded the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change grant, which provides $100 million to help communities accelerate an end to homelessness through Built for Zero.  

Communities in Built for Zero work towards ending homelessness for all, by focusing on building systems that can continuously reduce homelessness for populations, according to a press release.

Central Oregon will begin this journey by focusing its Built for Zero efforts on the populations experiencing veteran and chronic homelessness.

“Central Oregon is excited about the opportunity to participate in Built for Zero’s national initiative to address and end homelessness,” said Colleen Thomas, chairwoman of the Homeless Leadership Coalition. “As a community, we have seen a need for comprehensive and real-time data to help address the root causes of houselessness in our community and our hope is that Community Solutions and the Built for Zero team can help us continue the vital work already being done in our community.”

“Ending houselessness can be a reality if we work together and continue to look beyond just the numbers and  start to address the real causes of our current crisis, and I believe that Built for Zero is going to help us do that.”

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