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Third Sector: Adelaide’s homelessness project receives worldwide certification

“You cannot solve homelessness if you can’t see it and understand how it’s evolving— that’s why Adelaide’s achievement is such a big deal. Eleven communities in the US have now gotten all the way to zero, like Adelaide aims to do. Not one of them did it without achieving this critical data quality milestone."
  |  January 14, 2020

Adelaide is now the first city outside of North America to have certification for its homelessness data, as part of the Adelaide Zero Project.

To secure certification, the Adelaide Zero Project met 29 requirements set out by Community Solutions, including mapping geographic coverage of outreach areas, correct policies and procedures to collect and manage data, and listing of newly identified people sleeping rough.

Endorsed by homelessness experts Community Solutions, the certification means the Adelaide Zero Project has quality data in its By-Name List. A quality list provides three things: a real time snapshot of all persons experiencing homelessness and sleeping rough in the inner city of Adelaide, a means of assessing what type of housing or support intervention each person in a community needs to exit homelessness permanently, allows the project to know the names of anyone sleeping rough in the city and provide support according to their individual needs, instead of simply being a number in the system.

The By-Name list is officially accredited by Community Solutions, a US based organisation helping communities around the world end homelessness and uses data to tackle social problems.