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Unleashing Social Change Podcast: Jake Maguire, Community Solutions – “From 100K Homes to Built for Zero”

Our Built for Zero co-director, Jake Maguire, joins host Becky Margiotta of the Unleashing Social Change podcast to discuss large scale change, identifying leverage points, the importance of data, and the idea of compound protagonists.
  |  December 3, 2019

What happened after the 100K Homes Campaign? Becky reunites with Jake who was on the Community Solutions team to talk about what came after. Instead of counting up, it was time for some cities to count down. Now the Co-Director of “Built for Zero,” Community Solutions has partnered with 11 cities who have reached functional zero on chronic and veteran homelessness. This episode is full of wisdom about getting to the next aim, identifying leverage points, re-evaluating teams, and the importance of data and the right infrastructure, and the idea of compound protagonists.