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AWS in the Public Sector: Vision + data: Five lessons in ending homelessness

November 5, 2019

Since 2015, 11 communities in the United States have reached “functional zero” – effectively ending chronic or veteran homelessness and demonstrating that although homelessness is a complex challenge, it is solvable. By reaching this milestone, communities in Built for Zero, a national initiative comprised of more than 70 U.S. communities, have shown that real-time, personal-level data can empower organizations to respond to the homelessness challenge.

Built for Zero defines “functional zero” for veteran homelessness as a state where a community does not have more people experiencing homelessness than can be housed in a month.

The following communities have ended veteran homelessness, reaching functional zero, in addition to meeting the criteria and benchmarks set by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH): Rockford, IL; Arlington, VA; Montgomery County, MD; Fort Myers, FL; Gulfport, MS; Riverside, CA; Norman, OK; Bergen County, NJ; Abilene, TX; Lake County, IL.