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Proof that homelessness is solvable

Here's what Built for Zero communities have accomplished to date.
December 19, 2019

This is what it looks like to end homelessness.

If you’ve been following the news lately, you will have seen troubling stories about homelessness: the suffering it inflicts on individuals, its impact on cities, impending changes in the federal government’s approach toward homelessness, and the pressing demand for solutions. 

Our work has led the way in showing that homelessness is solvable. Eleven American communities that are part of our Built for Zero collaborative have now ended chronic or veteran homelessness— or both. Many more are achieving steady, measurable reductions. They are showing that our rigorous, data-driven approach is the disruptive innovation essential to solutions everywhere. Against the background of rising despair, frustration, and politicization of homelessness, our work has never been more urgently needed.

The more than 80 cities and counties in the Built for Zero collaborative have erased local silos. Every organization is working toward the single goal of measurably ending homelessness in their community. These communities know each person or family experiencing homelessness by name and what it will take to get each reconnected to a home. They spend resources where their data shows they will have the greatest impact in reducing homelessness. They have mobilized their whole communities— business leaders, faith-based groups, landlords, hospitals— to get the job done. 

As homelessness is increasingly recognized as the devastating condition that it is, we feel a deep responsibility to shine a bright light on what works, challenge dehumanizing and false promises of easy “solutions,” and assist more communities in doing the difficult, transformational work of actually ending homelessness. Your support will help us meet this urgent need.

73 Built for Zero communities know everyone experiencing homelessness, by name and in real time— the critical first step toward ending homelessness

49% of Built for Zero communities have reduced the number of people experiencing homelessness.

10 Built for Zero communities have ended veteran homelessness.

3  Built for Zero communities have ended chronic homelessness.

In total, the Built for Zero  movement has housed more than 114,585 people. And we're just getting started.

We need your support to propel this movement up and over a tipping point toward an end to homelessness for all.