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How Built for Zero communities are using data to help end homelessness

Built for Zero communities are using real-time data in order to find effective solutions to homelessness.
  |  October 19, 2018
Homelessness is a constantly shifting problem. In order to effectively solve for it, communities need accurate and up-to-date data on the issue.
That’s why Built for Zero communities create real-time, person-specific data sets of the people experiencing homelessness in their region. This information is graphed in custom dashboards, powered by Tableau, a data visualization software. These dashboards make it easier for local teams to analyze their data and use it to inform their decision-making. To date, 64 Built for Zero communities have real-time data on their populations of people experiencing veteran or chronic homelessness.
Recently Lindsey Giblin, the Portfolio Lead on Built for Zero’s Data Team, shared more insights into how communities are using this real-time data to work toward ending homelessness. Check it out to learn more about Built for Zero’s work and to view the interactive dashboards local teams are using.