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Editorial: Working Toward a Solution

  |  September 24, 2011

Continuing its good work(s), FaithWorks Interfaith Ministries is leading a local effort, coordinated with the national 100,000 Homes campaign, to find good housing for this area’s homeless — especially veterans.

It’s needed.
Working with local, state and national agencies as well as the private sector — including the VA, the Pensacola Housing Authority and local banks — 100,000 Homes is seeking to focus resources already available on the growing problem of the homeless, and homeless veterans.
Rick Dye, who heads the Interfaith Ministries effort in Pensacola, brought 100,000 Homes national representative Linda Kaufman to Pensacola recently. They estimated that there are 600 homeless in the Escambia-Santa Rosa area on any given night, with half of them without any kind of shelter except what they can cobble together on their own.
Of that group, Kaufman said, up to 10 percent are veterans.