INVISIBLE PEOPLE: Housing and Legal Experts Weigh in on Johnson vs Grants Pass Case

March 4, 2024

A Pivotal Moment in the History of Homelessness is Unfolding, Tipping the Scales on the Criminalization Issue

Homelessness is an ethical crime against humanity. Nobody deserves to be without a permanent, stable place to live, much less be forced to sleep outside in spaces deemed unfit for human habitation, such as vehicles, street corners, and tents. Sadly, when governments get involved in “solving” the homeless crisis, this often involves legally penalizing the victims.

Did you know it is illegal to be homeless in almost every state across the country? When law enforcement officials witness a homeless person publicly engaging in life-sustaining activities such as:

  • Walking
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Lying down and more

Some laws make it possible to cite them immediately. The only ethical clause that stands between a homeless person and a pricy, ineffective prison sentence is one court ruling – Martin V. Boise.