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The DC Line: DC is closer than ever to ending veteran homelessness

“I think veteran homelessness is going to be the type of homelessness we end first,” said Adam Rocap, deputy director of Miriam’s Kitchen, which provides meals and case management for people experiencing homelessness in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood.
  |  November 18, 2019

Montgomery County and Virginia’s Arlington and Fairfax counties have met the standards for the Community Solutions’ Built for Zero campaign, meaning that the number of veterans experiencing homelessness is less than the number of veterans who can be housed in a month. DC and the other communities that have joined the Built for Zero initiative receive coaching and support from Community Solutions as they use up-to-date person-specific data, and strategic-resources investments that make homelessness rare and brief. Since the initiative began in 2015, 11 communities have achieved the functional-zero standard.