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These Social Innovators Are Transforming The World, And You’ve Probably Never Even Heard Their Names

  |  April 1, 2015

A global organization has recognized several philanthropic entrepreneurs in hopes that the honor will benefit their causes around the world.

The Schwab Foundation announced on Monday that 33 individuals have been named its Social Entrepreneurs of the Year — an award that honors individuals who are pushing for progress on a variety of issues affecting underserved communities.

The honorees — selected by the nonprofit’s board members — represent 25 organizations working to advance causes like human health, education and gender equality on a global scale.

The foundation, which focuses on supporting such individuals to promote global progress, connects its recognized entrepreneurs with corporate, media and political leaders at the World Economic Forum’s meetings, providing another avenue for the entrepreneurs to further their missions.

Check out a few of the winners promoting positive change below, and learn more about the others on the Schwab Foundation’s website.

Women Help House 100,000 Chronically Homeless People Across U.S.

Rosanne Haggerty: Co-founder and CEO, Community Solutions

Becky Kanis Margiotta: Director 100,000 Homes Campaign, Community Solutions

The 100,000 Homes Campaign — an initiative launched by advocacy group Community Solutions — aimed to help get 100,000 chronically homeless individuals into permanent housing. And they did.

Last June, the group announced that it had reached its goal by partnering with more than 175 communities across the U.S. and helping them implement steps to see progress. Participating communities identified the homeless people in their area by name and tracked progress with clear goals in mind.

“Solving homelessness requires a data strategy that is both large-scale enough to draw conclusions and person-specific enough to implement them,” Haggerty wrote in a HuffPost blog last year.

Learn more about the campaign here.