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What’s happening Hartford in 2020

Creating affordable housing, opening the Swift Factory, and stopping inflow into homelessness
  |  January 27, 2020

North Hartford Community Land Trust

We will begin acquiring and renovating housing units that will become part of the North Hartford Community Land Trust (NHCLT). With the goal of acquiring and renovating 100 units over the next three years, the NHCLT will provide permanently affordable, high quality housing for a meaningful portion of North Hartford residents.

Swift Factory

Construction on the Swift Factory will conclude in June 2020 and it will open to the public shortly thereafter, introducing vibrant community assets, jobs, and entrepreneurship opportunities for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. Follow the progress here!

Zero Homelessness Inflow Pilot

The Zero Homelessness Inflow Pilot enters its second year with an actionable, ambitious plan to drive reductions in the number of individuals becoming homeless from North Hartford. Our team will drive reductions by addressing gaps in accountability in the Department of Corrections, the formal eviction process, and the local behavioral health system, working with a strong coalition of local partners.