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Built for Zero Bergen County Leader Featured in Rocket Mortgage Campaign

“Helping to end veteran homelessness...that’s the least that we can do for them.”
  |  June 7, 2021

AJ Luna is a veteran himself, so he knows the unique challenges they face when coming back home from their service. He’s a community leader and the Director of Veteran Services in Bergen County, New Jersey, one of a few Built for Zero communities that have functionally ended both chronic and veteran homelessness. This milestone indicates that the community is housing people as quickly as they’re coming into the homeless response system.

“Helping to end veteran homelessness,” he said. “That’s the least that we can do for them.”

Watch AJ’s video to learn how your community can take action.

Rocket Mortgage featured Luna in a national campaign to highlight the progress of Built for Zero to end veteran homelessness and share ways to get involved in the movement.