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The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated we need strong partnerships and collaboration at all levels of government.

The coronavirus pandemic is challenging our elected officials at the local, county, state, and federal levels to take bold, unprecedented action to protect our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Now is the Time to End Homelessness

Elected officials can use this moment to enact long-term solutions that ensure:

  • All people on the streets are connected with safe accommodation. Make sure those who are older, disabled, ill, and chronically homeless are moved into permanent housing.
  • All those in temporary accommodations are moved into permanent homes. Nobody goes back to homelessness. We must rapidly identify and secure affordable housing options and provide the proper support for those temporarily housed in hotels and motel rooms across the country. 
  • We prevent a new wave of homelessness. Every indicator, from unemployment to expiring eviction moratoria, points to a surge in new homelessness. We must prevent this crisis now.

COVID-19 reaffirmed that everyone deserves a safe, permanent home and lawmakers have the tools to make this a reality. Our communities and elected officials acted with appropriate urgency. Those actions can’t stop now.

Take Action Today

Contact your lawmakers to ensure critical resources go to people experiencing and at-risk of homelessness and the homeless response system.

Take Action


Support the leaders of your homeless response system.

If you are in a Built for Zero community, you can find a list of the organizations that are leading the Built for Zero work here

Stop sweeps in your community.

CDC’s guidance states that providing individual units are the best prevention measure for COVID-19 among unsheltered homeless populations, and unless they can be provided, encampments should be allowed to remain and be supplied with access to sanitation facilities. Our partners at the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty have developed a letter template to advocate for a moratorium of sweeps in your community, in accordance with this guidance. 

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