Advocate for Policy Change

We can create a future where homelessness is rare and brief in America.

In order to realize this new reality, we must remove the barriers that stand in the way of communities working to end homelessness. 

Our advocacy is grounded in learning from communities in Built for Zero and our partners in the National Coalition for Housing Justice. Our policy change efforts are aimed at advancing federal, state, and local policies that create conditions that support communities working to reduce and end homelessness.  


Federal Advocacy

Now is the time to end homelessness.

Ending homelessness is going to take the dedication and commitment of our federal lawmakers. We are working with the current administration to ensure that the right policies are in place to help communities reduce and end homelessness.

Our work to support communities in driving and sustaining reductions in homelessness has surfaced five priority policy recommendations that would catalyze results nationally. 

  1. Implement a shared aim and a clear measurement framework for sustainably ending homelessness
  2. Require quality real-time data on homelessness 
  3. Finish the job of ending veteran homelessness 
  4. Act on homelessness as a public health crisis 
  5. End homelessness in rural America

COVID-19 reaffirmed that everyone deserves a safe, permanent home and lawmakers have the tools to make this a reality. Our communities and elected officials acted with appropriate urgency. Those actions can’t stop now.

State & Local Advocacy

The COVID pandemic reminds us that our health depends on the health of others. When the most vulnerable people in our community are safe, we are all stronger.

Right now, state and local officials are making critical decisions about how federal funding is spent in their state and communities. 

When allocating new funding, we need help urging your mayor and governor to prioritize people who are currently homeless and for programs that divert new homelessness – and lay the groundwork to make homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring. 

Contact your Mayor and Governor to urge them to use American Rescue Plan funds to make strides to end homelessness.

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