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How to Solve a Social Problem

Community Solutions President Rosanne Haggerty speaks at TEDx on Disruptive Innovation
January 22, 2014

“If you remember nothing else I say, remember the distinction between a program and a process. A program is a solution to a problem, but a good process is a way of finding solutions and applying a methodology to many contexts and many problems. It’s much more valuable to have a good process than a good program any day,” our President, Rosanne Haggerty, told students at Amherst College last November, where her alma mater was holding a TEDx conference on “Disruptive Innovation.”

Rosanne told the group how she went from not asking the right questions to developing a methodology on solving social problems.

The process:

  1. Focus on the Outliers
  2. Set  measurable goals with a scary deadline
  3. Focus on the obvious thing
  4. Build the broadest team possible
  5. Experiment in short cycles

Watch Rosanne’s TEDx talk  for the details on Community Solutions’ disruptive and most successful innovations.