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Salesforce’s Leading Through Change features Beth Sandor

August 20, 2020

Recently, Salesforce brought together Built for Zero Co-Director Beth Sandor, Institute of Global Homelessness Board Chair Dame Louise Casey, and Salesforce Chief Philanthropy Officer Ebony Beckwith for a live conversation on protecting people experiencing homelessness during COVID-19.

Watch the 3-minute clip of Beth Sandor describing how communities like Bakersfield and Kern County, California are using Tableau dashboards to visualize their data and reduce and end homelessness:

By using Tableau dashboards, communities can track progress month over month, using a run chart. A run chart is an essential measurement from the field of Improvement Science. It is an excellent tool for tracking a phenomenon like homelessness across a whole community over time. A good run chart can help leaders spot patterns in the data, assess the effectiveness of changes they implement, refine improvement strategies over time, and distinguish between change and normal variation in a system.

After the conversation, Salesforce published an article describing the conversation and the Built for Zero methodology.