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The Public Supports Efforts to Reduce Homelessness

And the public expects Congress to act.
June 2, 2020

A recently released poll reveals that the public supports Congressional action to address housing instability brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis. 

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign released the results of a poll they commissioned in May that shows that the public is increasingly concerned about housing instability and expects Congress to act to prevent evictions and homelessness. 

The poll demonstrated that, across political parties:

  • 93% favor providing emergency rental assistance for people who are struggling to afford rent and are at serious risk of eviction as a result of the coronavirus outbreak
  • 90% want to expand funding for homeless assistance programs that reduce the number of people living in large shelters by providing them with alternative individual spaces for isolation and self-quarantine
  • 89% favor enacting a uniform, nationwide moratorium on all evictions during the coronavirus outbreak 

Demonstrating public support will be paramount as we continue to advocate for the HEROES Act and emergency rental assistance. This poll demonstrates that the public wants Congress to act and we will continue to advocate for policies and resources that help vulnerable communities weather this economic and public health crisis.

We need you to contact your Senators to let them know that people experiencing and at-risk of homelessness and homeless response organizations require additional funding to address the needs created by the coronavirus pandemic.