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Video: Bakersfield, California Featured in VICE video

This achievement was featured in a VICE® video, sponsored by Rocket Mortgage.
  |  October 18, 2021

Frank Miller is a veteran and a community outreach worker in Bakersfield, California. Frank’s personal journey with homelessness after serving in the Navy has driven him to become an advocate and community outreach support for veterans experiencing homelessness. He now works for the same organization in Bakersfield, California Veterans Assistance Foundation, that helped him get into housing. 

Watch Frank share his story on what it takes to end homelessness, in this video from VICE, created by our partners at Rocket Mortgage.

Bakersfield/Kern County joined Built for Zero, a movement of more than more than 80 communities committed to measurably ending homelessness, in 2015. They reached functional zero for chronic homelessness in March of 2020, making them one of only five communities in the United States to achieve this. 

By utilizing Built for Zero methodology and data, and working with the resources of partnerships, the Bakersfield community has excelled in reaching functional zero and changing their community. Methods like by-name listing have aided in the success of the Bakersfield community by showing the importance of having data that identifies each individual in need. 

“You have to know who your clients are, who’s on the list,” Frank said. “I keep track of all the names constantly so I know where they’re at. I’m gonna check on you as much as I can…I let you know I’m here for you.”