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Join the National Call-In Day for Homelessness

Call your Members of Congress on Monday, May 4
  |  April 29, 2020

On Monday, May 4, Community Solutions is joining a National Call-In Day to advocate for additional federal funding to help the homeless response system withstand and respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of Congress need to hear that people experiencing and at-risk of homelessness and homeless response organizations require additional funding to address the needs created by the coronavirus pandemic. This funding is critical to protect people experiencing homelessness, prevent further spread of COVID-19, and safeguard the capacity of our hospitals to serve everyone who needs it.

We have heard about the heroic work being undertaken every day by our partners in Built for Zero, in cities and counties across the country. But they need more resources to continue this work and keep our unhoused neighbors, and all of us, safe.

Members of Congress are returning to DC next week and are expected to consider a fourth stimulus bill soon after. We are asking for:

  • At least $11.5 billion for Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG)
  • A national, uniform moratorium on evictions and foreclosures
  • $100 billion for Emergency Rental Assistance and Eviction Prevention

You can use this sample script when calling your Senator and Representative. If you don’t get through, please leave a message.

  • Hi, my name is ___________ and I live in [city, state.] 
  • I am calling [Representative or Senator ___________] to make sure that they prioritize people experiencing homelessness and those that serve them in the next stimulus funding bill.
  • People experiencing homelessness are vulnerable to contracting and spreading the coronavirus. The homeless response system needs:
    • At least $11.5 billion for Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG)
    • A national, uniform moratorium on evictions and foreclosures
    • $100 billion for Emergency Rental Assistance and Eviction Prevention
  • Can I count on [Representative or Senator ___________] to ensure that our homeless response organizations receive the funding they need to serve this vulnerable population?
  • Thank you for your time. 


In March, Congress passed the CARES Act, which allocated $12 billion in funding for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as additional funds for the Federal Emergency Management Foundation (FEMA), the Small Business Administration (SBA),  and local and state governments. In April, Congress passed an “interim” stimulus package to revive the SBA program and prop up funding for the health care sector and expanded testing. 


Built for Zero equips cities to create an operating system for ending homelessness. Mayors from Mesa, Arizona, and Bakersfield, California, shared their communities’ journeys on the path to ending homelessness as part of Built for Zero.
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Voter Toolkit - vote to end homelessness
gender minorities are more likely to be homeless
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We need your help to urge state and local governments to focus on allocating this new funding to protect people experiencing homelessness and homeless system response staff, and to limit inflow into health care and hospital systems.
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Lack of space for safe social distancing and not enough personal protective equipment are among the top concerns facing homeless service providers
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The CARES Act includes $12.4 billion for the Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as an injection of funding for individuals, businesses, states, and local governments.