The Team

Lauren Barnes-Carrejo

Media Strategist

Ana Paula Delja

Director, Strategic Partnerships
John Gauthier

John Gauthier

Project Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Liz Hersh

Principal, Policy and Advocacy
Kristin Kellogg

Kristin Kellogg

Director, Strategic Communications
Chan Kemper is a Manager of Federal policy at Community Solutions.

Chan Kemper

Strategy Lead, Federal Policy

Caitlin LaCroix

Director, State and Local Policy

Sarae Janes Lewis

Principal, Strategic Communications and Campaigns

Rachelle A. Matthews

Manager, Policy and Advocacy Operations
Liz Novak

Liz Novak

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Mat Poirot

Creative Director
Kaitlyn Ranney

Kaitlyn Ranney

Communications Manager, Learning

Gurmet Sran

Director, External Affairs

Katie Stasa

Senior Digital Media Strategist

Lisa Tran

Social Media Communications Specialist
Jessica Venegas

Jessica Venegas

Principal, Strategic Partnerships
Leslie Wise

Leslie Wise

Housing for Health Strategic Manager